1. Why do I need to buy a new map update?
Take the direct route! An up-to-date map guides you with the most accurate and efficient routing to help you save time. The road network is constantly changing, but having a fresh map ensures you have the wealth of information you need to find your destination with ease. This includes new and updated road networks, new build up areas and thousands of Points of Interest - from petrol stations to airports and from restaurants to hotels. With a new map you can be comfortable knowing that you have the latest information available for your Navigation System, providing you with a better travel experience whether on business or leisure.

2. How do I buy a new product for my navigation system?
If you have previously registered, then enter your username and password in the correspondent fields that will show up and click on the “Continue” button.  If you have not registered, refer to question 3.How to Register or click on the link “Register Now” on the lower left corner of the page. Click on “Home“. To ensure you have the right product for your system it is important that you go through the product identification process carefully. On the left hand side of the page select the “Model”, the “Model Year” and the “Navigation System” in the window menus. A list of compatible products for your navigation system will be displayed. More detail about that product can be found by selecting the title. Click on the “Add to Cart” button and you will be taken to the “My Basket” page where you can also specify how many  maps of the selected region you would like to order and/or enter a coupon or promotion code if you have one by clicking on the “Apply” button. Should you wish to add more products click on the link “Back for More Products”. Once you have completed your selection, click on the “Checkout” button on the lower right corner of the page.
You are now in the Payment page, check whether your Billing address is correct, otherwise specify a new one by clicking on the link “here”, just below the proposed address. Choose your payment method by selecting your option in the window menu. Insert all the details needed for the payment option you chose (mandatory fields are identified by an asterisk). Once all the mandatory data has been inputed, click on the “Continue” button and follow the instructions on the screen to complete your purchase.

3. How do I register?
Select “Register” on the upper right-hand corner and you will be presented with a screen to enter your personal details*. You will be prompted to create a user name which must be at least six characters in length, contain only alphanumeric characters and cannot be an e-mail address. This will be required each time you want to activate another map product. Once a user name is registered it cannot be changed. Your password must be at least six but no more than twenty characters, contain at least one lower case character, one number and be different to your user name. This can be changed once you are logged in.
Select from three pre-defined security questions and provide the answer that only you will know.  This question will be asked if you forget your password. The security password answer is case sensitive and suggest that you either use all lower case or all upper case when providing it. Once you’ve entered the required information, click the “Register Now” button in the lower right hand corner to complete registration.

4. How do I transfer the map into the SD card?
For downloadable products only. When you have purchased your selected map, you must transfer the download content onto your 8 GB SD card. Select the directory you chose for downloading the product and locate the zip file. Create a new directory and unzip the content in this. Connect the 8GB SD card to your personal PC and copy all the unzipped content from the new directory to the SD card root directory.Once the operation has been done, safely remove the SD card and follow the instructions in How to Activate Your Product.

5. How often are new map updates released?
Updates are generally available once a year, however the duration and completion of the map content is also hugely dependent on our third parties suppliers. If you would like to be informed when a new map update becomes available for your navigation system please Register Here.

6. How secure are my payment details?
For security, all personal details and credit card details once entered are encrypted.  Access to your personal details is limited to ensure privacy.

7. How will my personal details be used?
The personal data you provide during your visit on the site may be disclosed to third party companies under the strict guidelines of our Privacy Policy.

8. What delivery method is used for my physical map update and how long does it take?
Upon receipt of payment or credit card authorization, your parcel will be shipped by courier service. When it is dispatched, you will be emailed a unique identifier number to track its progress. The time it takes to arrive will depend on the shipping service you chose. “Express Saver” option will ship via next day service to major metropolitan areas throughout Europe. “Saver” service option will deliver within 3 to 5 business days.

9. How can I be certain I am ordering the right map for my navigation system?
Please be sure to carefully select your vehicle model and year from the drop down boxes. Should you be unsure or have questions, Contact Us.

10. Can I use a navigation CD or DVD in my PC or CD Player?
No.  The format is proprietary and won’t function in other systems. The Map Data CD/DVDs will only work in your factory fitted navigation system.

11. How do I return or exchange the CD or DVD that I have purchased?
You can request to return a product by contacting HERE within thirty (30) days of the date of shipment. Requests for returns made after 30 days after the shipping date will not be honoured. Only unopened and unused media based map data products purchased from this website can be returned to HERE for refund or exchange. Downloaded products are not eligible for refund or exchange. In case of a return your credit card account will be credited for the relevant price of the product. Shipping &  Handling fees will not be refunded.  You will be responsible for the cost of shipping the return product back to HERE.
There are two ways to return or exchange your media based map update product, either via the web store or calling the HERE Customer Contact Centre on one of the following numbers. 
United Kingdom: 08081 013885
Rest of Europe: 00800 18 23 53 22 (International toll free, where available)
Toll Number: 0031 555 384 245

If returning it via the web store follow the steps below. This return process is not applicable for download products.

Click on the "Order Status" link and enter your original order number and billing zip/postal code. Orders not complying with the 30-day limit will not be allowed to continue.
Click on the "returns" link, which will allow you to complete the online returns form within 30 days of the original ship date.  Then follow the on-screen instructions.
For more information, please refer to the Terms and Conditions of Purchase.

12. Do I have to pay local taxes?
Yes we will display local taxes as you order your map. If your country-specific tax is not shown, then we apply the tax rate of The Netherlands which is 19%.  For downloadable products we are required to charge the tax rate of The Netherlands regardless of where you are living.

13. The map that I was supplied does not contain a road that I know exists. What can I do?
The map providers HERE make every effort to provide map data that is up to date, but changes in the road network do occur. Should you want to provide feedback on the roads you travel, you can do so by visiting Map Creator.

14. How do I activate my Instant Nav navigation map?
Follow our easy step by step guide for activation on our SUPPORT page.

15. How do I activate my Radionav navigation map?
Follow our easy step by step guide for activation on our SUPPORT page.

16. Do I need to activate new maps that I have purchased?
For each additional map that you purchase you will need to activate the map. To do this, follow our easy step by step guide on our SUPPORT page.

17. Can I use an already activated map coverage area on an other system?
Be advised that each map coverage area requires an activation code for the system in which it is being used. Follow our easy step by step guide on the SUPPORT page.

18. Can I customize POI in my navigation system? For example can I add Autovelox (speed traps)?
This is possible only with the Blue&Me Navigation system and the procedure can be found in the Quick Guide that came with your product.

19. Can I add other data separate from original map data to SD card?
Any additional data to the SD card is done solely at the user’s risk. Doing this may cause the navigation system to no longer function. You should not add other data such as music files, photos, or other maps. The SD card containing the maps should only be used on the navigation system and should not be used on other devices.

20. I have a question about my Navigation Map
If you can't find the answer to your question or for advice on the map inside your Navigation System, go to the Contact Us. section on the SUPPORT page and we will do our best to respond to your email enquiry within 72 hours.

21. I have a question about my Navigation System hardware
For advice on all navigation system hardware, contact your local dealer.

22. Where can I get literature on HERE?
Visit the website: www.navigation.com/here

23. My Navigation System does not always display what I know is the shortest/fastest route?
We all know shortcuts within our local areas that we use avoid rush hour traffic or poorly timed traffic lights. Navigation systems calculate routes using the detailed information within the database and take into account various circumstances including actual distance, average speed, physical/functional classification of the road, turn restrictions and more. Personal preferences can be factored into the route if your navigation system offers the functionality to input preferences into the system. Such preferences could include motorways, toll roads, emphasizing speed over distance, and allowing the user to avoid specific roads or areas.

24. What is TMC?
TMC stands for "Traffic Message Channel". TMC enabled navigation systems can benefit from this service. It delivers traffic and travel information giving the driver the option to take alternative routes to avoid traffic incidents. To know if your Navigation System is TMC enabled please refer to the navigation system user guide or alternatively contact your dealer.

25. I have a navigation system fitted to my vehicle - can I get TMC?
To know if your Navigation System is TMC enabled please refer to the navigation system user guide or alternatively contact your dealer.