Why update your GPS map?

Like any other car component, your navigation system needs to be regularly updated. Not only the software might need an update, but your map as well. Indeed, your GPS performance is likely to decrease as time goes by.

New roads are built, some cities are expanding the pedestrian areas, and so some streets are no longer accessible with a car. Keeping your device updated is the best way to avoid a lot of hassle when trying to find your destination. When your itinerary is calculated based on the latest road features, you improve the accuracy of the indications delivered during your journey.

-  Avoid frustrating waste of time when looking for a place that has not been added to your map yet

-  Save up to 20%* - by reducing your fuel consumption . Go straight to your destination, do not drive in circles because roads have changed, turned into dead-ends or pedestrian areas.-

-  Keeping your navigation system up to date equals to rejuvenating it: prevent it from becoming obsolete.

* HERE (formerly NAVTEQ Maps) Fuel Study (2009)