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Map updates and products for Fiat / Bravo / 2009 / Connect (NIT G2)

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£ 115.00

Connect G2CONNECT (G2/DB3) Benelux + MRE - 2014

This new edition of the GPS map for your Fiat vehicle is the perfect copilot. Covering 286,800 kilometers of roads are and including 136,268 Points Of Interest, it will keep your Fiat CONNECT (G2/DB3) navigation system up to speed with the latest available cartographic data.

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£ 115.00

Connect G2CONNECT (G2/DB3) Central Europe + MRE - 2014

1 CD covering Central Europe + Major Roads of Europe. This Fiat Map Update covers 4 countries (Italy and Germany partly covered) with newly updated data, including 621,479 POIs such as petrol stations, airports, hotels and restaurants.
 * Map data collected by HERE at the Q4/12.

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