- Please ensure that you see a NAV button on the home screen of your radio before proceeding. If you do not have NAV on your Uconnect system you should not continue.

- Uconnect 8.4A (RA3) systems that did not come with Navigation at purchase, can activate it by clicking here, or visit your local FCA Dealership.


Section 1: Checking/Updating your Uconnect Software

The Uconnect Software needs to be confirmed prior to purchasing/installing your map update.If you are not at the minimum Software level, your map update installation will fail.

NOTE: This is a software update, not the map update.

Check the Software Version of your System:

  • With your Uconnect System powered on, press the following on the screen:
    • 'Apps' or 'Controls' icon at bottom of screen
    • 'Settings' then 'System Information'
    • The Software Version will be shown in the first line of the System Information screen.  Take a picture of this entire screen as you will also need it for Section 2 of the ordering process
A) If the Software Version is at the below level or higher - you are all set!  No Software Update is needed - move to Section #2 to purchase your map update:
    • United States systems:  18.45.01 or higher
    • Canada Systems:          17.43.01 or higher

(note: when you receive your map update, the installation guide will also instruct you to check the Uconnect Software.  If you are at the level noted above, you can skip this step in the guide)

B) If the Software Version of your system is NOT at the minimum levels noted above, a Software Update is required.  Have your VIN ready, and go to the Uconnect website to get your software update.

Section 2: Purchasing Your Map Update:

Follow instructions below to determine which navigation system you have. Please ensure you select the correct system or you will receive the wrong map update product and could damage your system:

  1. (if you have a picture of your System Information screen from Section 1, skip to step #5) While in your vehicle with the key, turn the ignition to the RUN/ON position. Turn the Uconnect touchscreen ON
  2. Open Settings Menu
  3. Select the Settings button
  4. Scroll down and select System Information option at the bottom of the list
  5. In the 'Map Database' line - look for your system code. It is either VP3 or VP4:
    • If you have a VP3 System, as shown in Option 1, click on the ‘View Product’ button below to purchase a map update
    • If you have a VP4 System, as shown in Option 2, click on ‘View Product’ button below to purchase a map update
Option 1 (VP3)
VP3 Option 1
View Product
Option 2 (VP4)
VP4 Option 2
View Product