Product Information Page: 4C NAV w/ 12" touch-screen

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Installation Guide: Installation Guide

Quick Start Guide: Quick Start Guide


Installation Tips:

1) How to access the 'Radio Part Information' screen in 'Dealer Mode':  Video

-the 'Radio Part Information' screen contains your Software and Application Versions

-Application Version changes every time you do a software update.  If a software update came with your map update, the 'Application Version' after the SW update is completed will contain the text:  PR-40.1


2) How to get Request Code:  Video

Your Request Code is NOT your Activation Code.  It will be used to generate your Activation Code


3) Activating your Map Update: Activation Center
- You will need a) VIN b) Map Update USB c) Product Serial Number located on back cover of Installation Guide d) Request Code  e) Software Version


4) Software Installation Common Errors: (Uconnect Support: 877-855-8400)

Error Code 10, 15, 17 or 20: Do not remove the USB. Allow the radio to go back to application mode (it will revert and restart the update. Allow the system to attempt the software update up to 3 times.   If this doesn't work:   Uconnect needs to handle all software issues.  The software belongs to Uconnect.  When calling them - please let them know it is a Uconnect software issue and not an issue with the map update itself  


Other Information (if available):


2019-2021 Ram 1500/2500/3500/4500/Chassis 
with 12" system


In the Mexico region only, and only when using the Mexican Spanish language - there are some voice recognition issues when using the Search function in the 2022 release:

User initiates Voice Recognition workflow, but software cancels the workflow:

  • Search function will provide no results, but Navicore and hardware/software will continue to operate normally.
  • Impact analysis points:
    • No crash or other related failure is observed during analysis of this issue, other than lack of search results.
    • Manual search is not affected, only voice recognition.
    • Only occurs in Mexico region, other regions are unaffected.
    • Only occurs in Mexican Spanish languages, not in US English and French Canadian languages.
    • Only occurs during either one-shot or step-by-step address searches. POI searches are unaffected.